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Order a custom sample box

Our full range is available in 8" x 4" samples. Order as few or as many as you like, we’ll just take the value of your sample box off your final SLATPANEL® purchase.

Acoustic Slat Wood Panels Samples
Natural Oak

Our ready-made oak wall panelling is ideal for those looking to incorporate clean lines and warm wood tones into a space. With a black felt backing, these panels work well alongside light and dark shades or bright pops of colour.

Natural Walnut

Walnut is a wood that’s known for its rich, mid-brown tones and distinctive grain. These ready-made acoustic slat wood wall panels look great alongside both bold and muted colour palettes.

Smoked Oak

Our smoked oak wall panelling is right at home when paired with earthy tones, soft lighting, and dark wood furniture. Plus, these slatted wood wall panels have superior soundproofing qualities as standard.

Natural Oak (Grey Felt)

The light grey felt backing on these real oak wall panels are a perfect choice if you want to create a brighter, airier space that still feels cosy. Pair with light-coloured woods and neutral tones to give a timeless, Scandi-style look to walls and ceilings.

Acoustic Coloured Wood Panels Samples

Made from high-quality luxury laminate that’s been carefully chosen for its high-end look and feel.

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